Lose weight with lasting results with the help of Impact Fitness Dallas Gym.

Weight loss is the primary goal of many of our members. Impact Fitness’s gym in Dallas offers a variety of effective weight loss programs for our members to take advantage of.


Members can use our strength and cardio training equipment and proven, effective weight loss programs such as circuit training and high intensity interval training.

Our trainers can provide personal training and small group training to help design and implement weight loss programs that are adapted more specifically to your individual needs.

For support with motivation and accountability, surround yourself with community and peers who are also dedicated to losing weight by joining our iFit training or any of our group exercise classes.

We also offer an available 6 week nutritional plan. Featuring 6 nutritional accountability sessions with a certified personal trainer, before and after pics and evaluation, a personalized meal plan with macro-nutrient breakdown and shopping list, and ready for you recipes, meal prep hacks, restaurant ordering guide and food journal.

Get a head start on your weight loss program by stopping by today to start using your free VIP trial membership at Impact Fitness!