Get in The Zone for Weight Loss and Endurance at Forney gym.

One of the most unique offerings of our fitness center in Forney is our small group training. If you want full impact weight loss and endurance training, this is definitely for you.


Small group training is the best of personal training and group classes combined: you still get the benefits of the motivational group dynamic while still getting personal attention and expert instruction.

Impact Fitness offers members additional fun and rigorous small group training options to accelerate weight loss and fitness levels. 

Our programs work on several levels to intensify your workout and boost results. The group dynamic provides motivation and accountability that is difficult to achieve alone. Workouts also employ circuit training, high intensity interval training, and other effective methods for weight loss and endurance training.

These programs are designed for anyone, from beginner to advanced. The best part is, it’s fun! Music, camaraderie, and varied, engaging workouts keep fitness from becoming just another chore.

Inquire into our small group training programs today when you come in for your free VIP trial membership.