Coaching for Maximum Success at Forney gym.

Having a coach maximizes success in any area of life. Impact Fitness’s health club in Forney offers personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals.



Your certified personal trainer will get to know you and help you design a fitness program based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals. All of our trainers are well-versed and experienced in the most effective fitness and weight loss programs.

Our personal trainers are knowledgeable in all kinds of strength, cardio, and weight loss programs. They can help you find the program that fits your unique goals and needs.


The benefits of having a personal trainer are many: they can help you design your program, teach you how to implement it, hold you accountable, and deal with all the obstacles you are bound to be confronted with on your path to success.


Meet with one of our personal trainers today to see what kind of expertise they can offer you to maximize the impact of your fitness or weight loss program!