Functional Training: Practical Strength Training at Forney Gym.

With Impact Fitness’s emphasis on real results, we think functional training makes a lot of sense. Our fitness center in Forney provides a dedicated functional training room to supply you with everything you need for your functional training program.


Functional training focuses on exercises that support the specific movements and actions you do on a daily basis. Athletes might focus on strengthening sports-specific movements, senior members might work on flexibility and mobility, while people with sedentary jobs might do exercises that loosen up muscles stiff and sore from sitting.

Many strength and cardio training programs out there that will give you general overall strength, but functional training focuses on exercises that will directly benefit the day to day actions you perform outside the gym.

That means whether you need to address stability issues with daily activities or strengthen your tennis serve, you need to be able to perform a wide range of nontraditional exercises. Our functional training room provides the specialized tools for the job.


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