Multiply Impact with Group Fitness at Forney Gym.

Group accountability and fun are great ways to bolster fitness program success. Impact Fitness’s group fitness options at our Forney health club are a great way to get it all in one package.


Group fitness classes provide workouts that are structured but flexible and are easily adapted to each individual’s level of fitness. The group dynamic provides motivation, accountability, community, and expert guidance.

Our various group classes offer workouts that will fit into any fitness or weight loss program.

If you’re looking for fun, dance your heart out with Zumba. To strike a mind-body balance, yoga is a great option. More intense weight loss and endurance training options can be found by taking advantage of our signature The Zone program.


Supplement your individual cardio or strength training program with our classes, or use them as a complete workouts in themselves. Take a peek into our group fitness classes when you come in for your free VIP trial membership.